Our Alliance Partners

Integrated Valuation Services

First National Cairns Central is very proud to have Integrated Valuation Services, a specialist service for Northern Australia, as a strategic alliance partner in Cairns

Integrated Valuation Services (IVS) commenced operating in Darwin in 2000, and has offices in Cairns, Darwin and Alice Springs. The company provides all aspects of valuation and property related specialist advice from the Kimberly and Broome regions in WA, across the whole of the Northern Territory to North Queensland. IVS has in-depth market knowledge of all regional and remote areas of Northern Australia.
IVS is a registered panel valuation firm with all major banking institutions and provides a full range of valuation services to many institutions; and our company sits on various administrative boards and panels including the valuation board of review.

IVS offers a full range of valuation services including but not limited to the following areas of expertise:-

ð Retail                                                   ð Commercial
ð Industrial                                            ð Residential
ð Pastoral and Rural                            ð Horticultural/Agricultural
ð Land Acquisition/Native Title          ð Agribusiness
ð Hospitality & Tourism                       ð Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Please click on the link below to be directed to the Integrated Valuation Services website.