5 things to fix before putting a property on the market

Tuesday 11 Feb 2020

First impression

Its almost impossible to get over a bad first impression so take care when putting your property on the market and make sure the street scape is perfect. Potential buyers driving past and arriving must be impressed. Potential buyers also like to be able to say to their friend that they are looking at or have purchased a home with good street appeal.

The walls

Painting is about the cheapest way to completely lift the appearance of any property. Think about it especially if the walls are marked.


Floors can be a bit more expensive but scratched timber floors or grubby carpet is a real turn off.

Things you have just lived with

After living in a home for a while we all tend to just tolerate some things. Doorknobs that don’t work properly, sliding doors that need new rollers, fans that are rusted or just past it, pavers that are not flat, gates that are not swinging properly. Its time to get them all fixed because they all matter and all contribute to the marketing and overall impression of the home.


We live in a tropical environment and building inspectors take careful note of the roof. Make sure it is not rusted and that the roof screws are not rusting or loose. Make sure all flashing is in order. I have seen plenty of building inspections fail because of issues with the roof.

David Forrest
Managing Director