7 things not to do when selling a home.

Tuesday 11 Feb 2020

Don’t engage an agent late.

As soon as you start to think about selling select an agent. The best marketing campaigns are done with the agent being there from the start. You can work with the agent on presentation and the finer details of marketing and research. Being in a rush doesn’t help anyone.

Don’t list with the cheapest agent

There is an old saying “you get what you pay for”. This is also true with Real Estate agents. You are about to entrust the sale and marketing of your biggest asset with someone. Pick the agent who is professional and most of all one you can relate too.

Do not list with the agent that gives the highest appraisal.

The practice of over valuing in an effort to impress the homeowner is very old fashioned and very poor practice and is not the way to start a trusting relationship.

Do your own price research

You should discuss the advertised price or auction reserve with you agent. Do your own research so you can have a meaningful discussion with your agent. There are plenty of online data portals and you should visit open homes in your area.

Carefully set the asking price or reserve

Nothing ruins a sale more than an unrealistic asking price or auction reserve. You will simply scare of any interest; worse you could lose them altogether as they will purchase elsewhere. The most interest in a sale happens in the first two to three weeks so it makes sense to have the price set properly from the beginning.

Don’t skimp on marketing

There will be other properties for sale when you put yours on the market, make sure potential buyers see yours. I hear comments like I don’t want a board, or I just want a quiet sale. This is silly, if you want to attract buyers then “shout from the roof tops”. Today a good marketing campaign should include digital, traditional and social media. Staging and digital furniture are other options that should be considered.

Not getting tenanted properties vacant

Unless you have a tenant that has decorated your property well and is willing to let your agent market the property properly including open homes then wait until the property becomes vacant before you put it on the market. Then get it in shipshape condition, may be even stage it and do a proper job.

David Forrest
Managing Director